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Jack Media has merged with Mike Colling & Co

Jack Media London has merged with leading DR agency, Mike Colling & Co creating one of the UK's largest independent agencies.

Jack Media has merged with Mike Colling & Co

Are you making the most of your marketing budget?

At Jack Media we are focused on achieving the best results possible to maximise your returns.  We aren’t scared of hard work.  We know that a successful campaign requires thorough research and set-up prior to going live, continual optimisation whilst live and the most detailed analysis of the results.

We know that your money is precious and that ‘broad strokes’ media planning isn’t enough to achieve the best results.  We plan and buy media across both large media owners like Google and ITV as well as smaller, more nimble businesses like ourselves.  We select the right media for you.  We feel this is what sets up apart.  It’s what makes our campaigns so successful and, in turn, our clients so happy.

Some of our clients

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