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By Magnus on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zoosk.com is currently the UK’s 4th largest dating website and their new marketing strategy is going to cause quite a stir in the industry. Traditionally dating websites see users sign up, start dating and then leave the site when they meet someone and agree on dating exclusivity. Zoosk’s new strategy to maintain their user base is to encourage people already in relationships to stay and or join the dating site! They plan to do this by offering incentives like restaurant discounts, relationship advice to encourage couples to join/engage with the site.  Maybe they want to attract a broader audience and get people to join to make friends as well as date.  There are sites like Badoo that are doing very well in this area.  And then of course there is Facebook where millions of people post their most up-to-date relationship details and pictures to all and sundry..

This is a daring move as I don’t know of other traditional dating sites have made this change to their strategy.  It will be interesting to see how Zoosk’s competitors react.  What do you think?




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